Fonkan new solution effectively treat constipation, to be used for small children (<01 years)

Currently constipation is considered a disease of age, because it is common and occurs in almost every age tuoi.Tinh this condition if not treated promptly it could cause unnecessary complications such as hemorrhoids, colon bulge stretch, .....

What is called constipation ? This is the phenomenon of body waste residues delay the gastrointestinal tract , with 3 ngay/1lan time , under 35g/ngay fertilizer , dry fertilizer with insufficient water content 78 % .
Although constipation is not a fatal disease but more troublesome , affecting the quality of life of sufferers .
Constipation if not treated in time lead to chronic constipation or deposited into the big shit , can cause intestinal obstruction , especially for the elderly or children .

Constipation can cause very serious complications such as hemorrhoids , anal , rectal prolapse due to strong straining when defecating . When the phenomenon , should go beyond pain patients afraid to go , so much less constipation than form a vicious circle .
When trying to push also increases blood pressure ( red surface expression ) , it is very dangerous for people with high blood pressure , people with cardiovascular disease ( stroke -prone during urination ) . Constipation can cause prolonged rectal cancer .
Currently, there are many anti- constipation drugs with different mechanisms of action : osmotic laxatives , stimulant , lubricant drugs , drug spot douche ... but have a common drawback is only symptomatic treatment evidence , can not be treated disease etiology , likely to come back when therapy stops thuoc.Mot laxatives to treat constipation is usually 3 months and then gradually reduce the dose of laxatives dan.Viec so long body will always be the side effects of the drug , to cause intestinal complications , is very harmful to the liver and kidneys . On the other hand lasts laxatives affect the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract , nutrients are often thrown out before being absorbed by the body , leading to severe malnutrition especially children are in the development stage .

According to nutrition experts treat constipation products should have the following characteristics :

Increasing the volume + and volume , providing software and porous , that break easily expelled from the body , to avoid performance bottlenecks in the colon , the bowel must be maintained regularly .
+ . Removing toxins in the colon ( constipation being born ) , reduces the risk of colon cancer , increased health through increased intestinal absorption of nutrients , increased resistance , increased strength free simple system with a combination of beneficial bacteria .
+ To minimize the side effects of the drug , with functional foods , the side effects are not considered .

On this basis , scientists have studied the optimal formula for making new products to bring to the patient feel safe and comfortable stools . One of the preferred materials are used in fiber inulin , as extracted from natural herbs and outstanding safety . Inulin can increase integration , software development and then take out the sponge natural reflex of the body . Also Inulin become favorite food for beneficial intestinal bacteria is Lactobacillus sp . and Bifidobacterium sp . develop and multiply. The strains after replication will work decomposition of waste residues , stool softeners , increased peristalsis and defecation leads to easy.

French company Au Medipharm exhaustively studied these achievements , and then proceed to apply the disease model experimental constipation as well as consistent with the pharmaceutical industry in the country has modern production launched FONKAN functional food .


Combined by : inulin a natural fiber is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract ( Lactobacillus acidophilus , Bifidobacterium . ) ( Imported from Europe ) . FONKAN increase effectiveness in preventing and overcoming constipation , balancing intestinal flora , helps the digestive system healthy .
A perfect combination constipation treatment is effective and safe toan.Do characteristics of this fiber inulin is not digested in the stomach and small intestine to the total amount of inulin fiber is put into the colon , where inulin swell from water absorption which increases the weight and volume of fertilizer , and inulin also soften stools for the bowel to return to normal . FONKAN increase effectiveness in preventing and overcoming constipation , balancing intestinal flora , helps the digestive system healthy . This product line also advantages to be used regularly, every day , safely , without causing dehydration, not only influence but also enhance nutrient absorption of the digestive system and no other adverse effects .
The nature of inulin : Inulin is a dietary fiber derived vegetation structure FOS ( fructo - Oligosacharide ) found in colostrum milk , regular milk , .. v.vv. .. in which milk & colostrum with 15 g - 23 g inulin/01 liters of milk , the milk often contains inulin from 08-12 g / 1 liter .

Due to the aforementioned characteristics advantages for Vietnam should :
FONKAN help : Improve prolonged constipation , hard stools , straining to prevent excessive cracking interstitial defecating anus , colon bulge stretch ... also support the treatment of disorders digestive imbalance intestinal microflora .

FONKAN the products in grain , slightly sweet taste is so easy to drink suitable for children .
Drink FONKAN 30 minutes after a meal , can be mixed with water , milk or soup ( not hot phase ) to bring the highest efficiency
- Children under 1 year : Every time you use half the bag, 2-3 times a day .
- Children aged 1 year or older : 1 bag used each time , 2-3 times a day .
- Adults : 1-2 bags each time , 2-3 times a day .


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