Constipation in the elderly

All ages can be infected , but the elderly constipation proportion lot more. Normally a person can go out 1-3 times a day or 3 times a week . Called constipation as less than 3 days to go outside or .....

How to prevent constipation in the elderly :
All ages can be infected , but the elderly constipation proportion lot more. Normally a person can go out 1-3 times a day or 3 times a week . Called constipation as less than 3 days to go outside or go outside less than 3 times a week , may have abdominal pain , solid distribution , in addition to straining when going sharply .

The common causes :
All kinds of food , drinking water after mixing in the stomach with gastric intestinal them taken down , most will be absorbed in the small intestine , and the rest will be put down scum colon . In the colon , the rest of the nutrients will be absorbed further , and the waste products , toxins and microbial metabolism produced is excreted . If waste products and toxins stored in the colon as long as to affect health . Also in the colon , the water is absorbed residue is further classified as being solid and hard stool every time to go outside .

- There are many causes of constipation in patients such as the elderly nutrition because of unreasonable or excessive diet eat less or do not want to eat so bored residue less , so less fertilizer is not made reflex contractions of the colon . There are some people from eating foods high in fat , such as butter , milk , refined sugar , eat less fiber , fruits and vegetables .

- Or a number of elderly people like to eat a lot of spicy , hot ( peppers , onions , pepper ) , drink a lot of wine , beer and water taken into the body daily is not enough the need to digest food ...

- Physiologic dysfunction is also a favorable factor causing constipation in the elderly . The older you are , the more physiological function is reduced , such as the diaphragm , pelvic muscle weakness limits of intestinal motility . Add to that the epidemic of intestinal secretion as well as significantly reduced gastric , bile , intestinal juice .

- It was found that the contractions of gastrointestinal smooth muscles become weaker and weaker and increases the risk of constipation in the elderly . The sedentary elderly such as knee pain , chronic back pain or leg weakness difficulty walking will make every organ of the body work is also regularly less prone constipation .

- Also , people have found some side effects of the drug can cause constipation as tannins drugs , antidepressants , drugs covering the gastric mucosa contains aluminum or elder abuse in a number of drug have a laxative effect as forlax by overuse laxatives do not work as expected .

As a result of constipation :
Elderly people with chronic constipation will cause many adverse consequences . Distribution and residues , toxins by microorganisms in the intestinal tract are not excreted in the feces expelled that remains in the colon , rectum . Here the body to absorb the water with toxic , so the patient is always tired, lazy eating , anorexia , even skipping meals . As anorexia, constipation as skipping meals .

The most common disease of prolonged constipation is hemorrhoids . Constipation is also one of the causes of chronic colitis , colon cancer . Some people with chronic high blood pressure if they are constipated when they must also push up the risk of a sudden rise in blood pressure is dangerous to life . elderly people with constipation , so each time you have to push more than anal interstitial cracks , causing pain so reluctant to go beyond that such as constipation .

Prevention of constipation in the elderly :
To prevent constipation or constipation decrease sick should eat plenty of vegetables in every meal . Vegetables suitable for elderly vegetable spinach , vegetable sweet potatoes, spinach , amaranth, jute . Eat a high-fiber food . Eat some fruit such as oranges , tangerines , grapefruit ( citrus to eat the fiber ) , ripe papaya , cucumber , bitter gourd , melon fruit . Ripe bananas or sweet potatoes also have considerable value in preventing constipation . Do not drink alcohol , do not eat spicy foods , hot peppers , onions and pepper . Those patients who have a doctor assigned medication that can cause constipation side effects , the need for a doctor's right not only to drug abuse and the phenomenon constipation side effects to your doctor immediately to with appropriate management direction . Every day should not sit for a site such as watching television and so gentle exercise , depending on each person's health . Form is the best exercise walking . Every day should walk at least 30 minutes , do not walk more than an hour and should be divided into 2-3 times walking .


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