Help him escape from the vicious circle: Anorexia - slow growth - often ill

Today there are so many children aged> 06 months to 6 years are in a vicious circle Anorexia - slow growth - often ill, causing fatigue for many parents.

We need to pay attention and understand thoroughly this issue :

Young or sick - Classified : When a child is sick, the absorption of food and nutrients will not be stable , many children often stop eating when you are sick . At such times it will adversely affect the normal development of children . Skip meals is a sign of anorexia if the condition is permanent and continuous . As a result , children with malnutrition , rickets and growth retardation . Children often get sick or associated with anorexia and growth retardation .

- With anorexia in children : When a child is anorexic does not provide adequate nutrients needed for the development , then the child will grow slowly or stop growing , sometimes malnourished . Classification anorexic children are sick because your immune system does not get enough nutrients needed for normal operation . When the child's immune system weak in children sensitive to pathogens such as bacteria , viruses , or other environmental factors and climate attack , so kids can get sick easily.

Thus , children with anorexia will retardation , rickets , malnutrition and disease and often ill

- Slow development of the child : often associated with anorexia , and always sick . Children often develop slowly eating very poorly , accompanied by anorexia, growth retardation is frequently sick .

Just like creating a vicious cycle : Anorexia - retarded - constantly sick .
So we need to help young children even when there are signs of pathology within the above .

* To help children eat well we need the supplements will be used to stimulate digestion , help children maintain appetite , for example :
- Add Zinc : Zinc is digestive enzymes more active in the body, maintaining taste , smell helps children eat ham .
Add - Lysine : An essential amino acid that the body can not synthesize . Development of enzyme lysine , help children appetite . Lysine is the protein component of many types .
- Add yeast extract (containing 18 amino acids and trace elements Zn , Fe , Cu ... ) stimulates appetite while children try to strengthen nutrition for children .

* Besides the addition of sense of appetite for children , we also need to add resistance to strengthen and support the immune system of children : Because children are developing immunity to the full time is not easy or disease , so it is necessary to help prevent children : better support effective immune drugs , increasing resistance as Thymomodulin , β - glucan , zinc , lysine , vitamin A , vitamin E , selenium ...

* Children need to be fed , but also absorb and metabolize nutrients better : The absorption and metabolism of nutrients is very important to ensure adequate supply of essential nutrients for the stable development of the child . Today there are so many children with the absorption and metabolism to slow development of malnutrition , anorexia , malnutrition or disease . The immune system of the human body every day and need a lot of vitamins , minerals , amino acids ... to operate , to maintain . If the absorption and metabolism of nutrients is not good , the body's immune system can be weakened or sick easily. The drug absorption and metabolism of nutrients such as vitamin B enhanced , Taurin , Lysine , zinc , protease , yeast extract , Vitamin D3 , ....

Based on the children's health since the company shares the French pharmaceutical plants combined with European quality but very reputable manufacturers and researchers Meliphar and given a health food product
a completely new and unique to Vietnam many highlights , including:

Pandan BabySmile

Vietnam 's outstanding advantages BabySmile cereal with 16 ingredients in the formula are represented by 3 groups of pharmacological effects as follows :

- BabySmile help children eat well , eat delicious ( zinc , lysine , yeast extract ) .

- BabySmile help children strengthen the resistance , support the immune system of the child : With components such as lysine are important factors in maintaining the immune system and zinc to help children strengthen the immune system especially with the flu , cold . Vitamin A , E and selenium are three important factors have synergistic anti-aging , maintain the sustainability of the cellular immune system support efficiency . Thymomodulin , β - glucan are two very important components for the development of immune system cells in the body , supporting the significant improvement of respiratory infections such as sore throats , bronchitis , colds flu , runny nose , coughing , recurrent infections of the respiratory tract and other infections .

- BabySmile help children absorb and metabolize nutrients better : With active ingredients such as :
+ Zinc : Zinc Enzymes enable more effective metabolism and absorption of nutrients for the body . Zinc is required to generate the DNA constitutes approximately 10 % of cells and proteins in the body , engaging muscle growth and height .
+ Lysine : Lysine helps absorb calcium and collagen to help create connective tissue of the skin , bone , cartilage helps promote the development of height .
+ Protease : A protein.Giup digestive enzymes digest foods better protit , enhance nutrient absorption .
+ Taurin : stimulation of tissue growth , participation beo.Taurin absorb essential for normal functioning of the xuong.vv
+ The B vitamins : B1 , B2 , B6 , B9 vitamin is important for the metabolism and absorption of nutrients in the body .
+ Calcium and vitamin D3 : Helps children develop tall , skeletal structure . Calcium is also involved in the chain of Co enzyme activity in the body metabolism .

After a round of BabySmile use it to help children a good resistance, a healthy body, smarter, it will help children to better absorb nutrients necessary for normal development of children.

Cereal Products BabySmile the food safety functions should be used to promote the most effective dose needed enough time 4-6 weeks .

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